A new wave of bogus e-cards will be splashing inboxes soon enough, all of them bearing some nice malware.

The emails pose as legitimate Hallmark notification: “You have received a Hallmark E-Card from your friend.”. However, that’s not the case. It may look like coming from Hallmark, but one should forget all about such similarities and look straight at the attached file.

The postcard.zip archive is anything but an e-card. According to security company Sophos, the archive includes the W32/AutoRun-NZ worm, a type of malware much similar to the old W32/MyDoom.

As always, take no time in using the “Delete” button in your mail interface. Get rid of the potential threat, or else be sure that the guy saying “ho-ho-ho” somewhere on the web is not Santa Clause. Do you believe in Malware Clause?