According to comScore, Google’s search share for October was of 58.5 %, a 1.5 % jump since September. In the mean time, Yahoo went down to 22.9 % (-0.8%) and Microsoft followed the descending trend to 9.7 % (-0.6%).

Ask Network’s 4.7 % was the only score not to be altered since September, while Time Warner Network’s fall was the smallest (-0.1 %). The company was credited with 4.2 %.

Interesting enough, if one were to gather all the losses in the top five, one would get -1.5 %, which is exactly Google’s gain during the period.

The total of search queries for the month of October was 10.5 billion, up 12 % from September. Once again Google is the first in the top with over 6.1 billion searches and a growth of 15 %. Next in line in terms of growth is Ask Network with 10.7 % and Time Warner with 9.4 % , although the actual numbers still leave a lot to be desired when compared to the competition (491 million, 443 respectively).

Yahoo’s crop for the month was of 2.4 billion (up 8 %), while Microsoft only accounted for a bit over 1 billion (5.6%, the smallest growth). It seems that the campaign to promote the Live Search product was everything but effective.