As we reported yesterday, Facebook’s new advertising scheme dubbed Beacon already gathered its (more than) fair share of adversaries. Some people just don’t want Facebook to track their online activities outside the social networking site. As giving up entirely on Facebook might be a bit radical, there is another way to sneak past the advertising hound.

Nate Weiner over at the Idea Shower has been playing around with Facebook’s advertising platform and reports the following:

I peaked at the javascript that controls the communication between the used site and Facebook and see that it’s quite easy to prevent the communication. […] If you look at the javascript that is used to make requests to Facebook, you will see that the requests are made to so by blocking just the beacon folder, you are preventing the site from sending requests to Facebook without blocking the rest of Facebook.”

There are several simple steps to be taken in order to block the Beacon. First of all, users need to download and install the BlockSite plugin for Firefox, available here. After the browser restart, users must select ‘Add-ons’ from the Tools menu, click the ‘Options’ button on the BlockSite extension and “http://**” into the input box. The job will be done two clicked “Ok” buttons later.