According to a study conducted by comScore, Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” album was purchased by 38% of the overall downloaders (40% US, 36% non-US), with the remaining 62% choosing to pay nothing for the music (60% US, 64% non-US).

It is important to note that Radiohead has single-handedly accomplished a milestone that the recording industry has failed to achieve – they’ve eliminated much of the profit attrition related to piracy or illegal copying,” said comScore analyst Edward Hunter.

“Moreover, they have garnered good faith with the music consumer at a time when it’s all the rage to bash the industry and the artists who ally themselves with it. And then you have the reduction in cost of sale, cost of promotion and production. I’d call this a resounding success for Radiohead and music fans everywhere – and a fantastic artistic effort as well,” he added.

The largest percentage of the buyers (17%) chose to pay less than $4. Another 6% paid between $4 and $8, and 4% spent between $12 and $20.

However, it’s most interesting that a significant percentage (12%) chose to pay between $8 and $12 fr the album, and accounted for 52% of all sales in dollars.

All in all, the average price for an album was set at $6, with US residents paying around $8 and the others settling for $4.64.