As expected, Facebook representatives tried to paint the new picture in the most peaceful colors possible. According to a Facebook spokesperson, the information supposed to be revealed will be kept at a minimum level.

The plans are to include only the name and the picture of the person, and even these two won’t be available if the user’s search privacy settings won’t be set to “Everyone”. Still, many might argue that the “Everyone” option originally meant “Everyone on this site”, not “Everyone on the web”

Furthermore, it was stressed out that the info made available would be less than what a Facebook user can obtain by browsing the website.

Needless to say, the new move is aimed at attracting more people to the website. Basically, it’s just like a teasing campaign, if you prefer.

In time, Facebook is sure to come up with more arguments to back its move and calm down the spirits. However, one thing’s for certain: privacy was just brushed aside again and “let’s make money by any means” took over. It’s not a very big step, I agree, but rest assured that this walk is just beginning.