The company informed new AT&T High Speed Internet customers that they are to receive a bandwidth usage amount ranging from between 20 Gigabytes (GB) and 150 GB, depending on their broadband speed tier.

Later on, existing AT&T High Speed Internet customers in Reno are to become part of the experiment as well if their monthly usage exceeds 150 GB in one month. Incidentally, their monthly cap will be set tight at 150 GB per month.

As it follows, “capped” customers will be charged $1 for every GB over their maximum usage amount. AT&T promised to provide users with bandwidth measuring tool so they can track their usage, as well as to let customers know each time they reach 80 percent of their usage amount.

The trial stands every chance to be extended to one other markets by the end of the year so more customers would enjoy “a high quality broadband experience at an affordable price.” I guess that Spending actual money in making your network better is axed from the start as an “evil solution”.