This year's “I love malware” offer consists in the Waledac Trojan, a malicious software featuring most of the techniques and features found in the notorious Nuwar/Storm Trojan.

The spam emails pushing the Trojan have a subject in the line of “Deeply in love with you,” “I Knew I Loved You,” or “I Love Being In Love With You,” and include a short message, propting the user to access a certain website where the Waledac Trojan is just waiting to be downloaded.

“The current wave of Valentine’s Day spam contains links to domains that carry the Waledac Trojan. We are currently monitoring about 100 of these infected domains. Each of the domains is fast-fluxed, so there are hundreds of nameservers and thousands of IP addresses involved,” writes AvertLabs' Jeff Green.

The conclusion is quite clear: love hurts those naïve enough to fall for such simple tricks.