The latest malware disguised as a download accelerator tool is the “FastLane Download Manager”. According to Sophos, the software is nothing but a version of the Troj/SloLane-A, eager to infect as many machines as possibile.

The first clue for the malware real nature comes right at the beginning. SophosLabs’ Benjamin Kenny writes:

“Here is where things start to get suspicious. The subtitle tells us that this program is “your secure and fastest way to download Internet contents”. That’s all well and good, but this thing started to download as soon as I started it up! What “Internet contents” is it downloading? I didn’t ask it to do anything of the sort! Suspicions are further confirmed by the multitude of spelling mistakes. See the program title “Faslane Downloader”, and the message “Donwload in progress”.”

Furthermore, this “fast download” (or, shall we say “donwload”) seems to take way too much. As for what is actually being downloaded, don’t even hope for some useful piece of software. The file is just your every day malicious executable, branded by Sophos as Mal/Behav-031