Xbox Live users have become the target of a phishing scam campaign. At first sight it may very well seem like a legitimate email. It comes form Xbox Support (, with the subject “Changes To Your Xbox Live AccountXbox Support”. It reads as follows:

"Dear Xbox Live User,
We have made many changes to everyone’s Xbox Live account, and we would like you to check out the new features! You can check out the new features by click on the link below to login and check them out!
Please check out your new features to your Xbox Live account!"

The scam would go flat is the user is careful enough to hover over the link and see that it actually leads somewhere else. If he just clicks on it, he would be presented with a fake Passport login page, created to steal users’ logins and passwords and thus grant the phisher full access to various Passport accounts.

As always, there might be some users eager enough to see new features and thus fall for the scam. In such cases, users are advised the change their Passport passwords as soon as possible. If they already lost the control of their account, they should seek help from Customer Services. (spotted on the Xbox forums)