The potential victim is first told that he just won £850,000 in a lottery run by the international aid relief organization Oxfam. After the bait has been presented, the receiver is asked to bite hard, by providing the scammers with the details needed to transfer the funds.

The email reads:

“These funds are freely given to you for your Business, Economic and Educational Development, as well as the enhancement of the overall standard of living of the less privileged people in your region.Your Email was selected from your country’s chambers of commerce and you have been confirmed as one of The lucky recipients of this year’s donation programme. You are also entitled to the sum of EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING (£850,000.00) as charity donations/aid from the Oxfam GB (UK) International donation scheme.”

The fact that the gain is stressed out way too much to be a real one, or that the provided contact email is a a address, instead of one relating to the organisation, are two major hints that this is just a plain-old scam. Furthermore, 070 telephone numbers (and such a number is made available to the victim) are frequently used by lottery scammers, as they can redirect calls using the system to any phone number in the world.

All in all, do keep in mind that any unsolicited lottery win email is more than likely to be sent o be sent by a scammer, and replaying to such a message might get you in trouble, financially speaking.