Promising adult content featuring someone famous is one good way to spread malware and this time spammers decided to use the Tomb Raider heroine as the decoy.

Romanian security firm BitDefender warns users to disregard spam messages that claim to bring them such content. Usually, the spam email features an explicit picture og Jolie, plus a text message telling the soon-to-be victim that the email is email has been sent as part of the MSN Featured Offers programme and, therefore, legit.

"The spam wave is part of a larger category of unsolicited mail messages that rely on social engineering techniques in order to lure unwary users into installing Trojans," said Vlad Valceanu, Head Of Antispam Research. "This type of attack seems to be extremely successful, as the number of messages has quickly escalated over the last couple months. In order to achieve their goals, spammers usually rely on international celebrities and their pictures, along with catchy, yet fake news leads."

Some people might fall for this cheap scheme and attempt to view the file. But first, as always, they are required to download a file called “video-nude-anjelina.avi.exe”. Needless to say, there’s no video content at the end of the download; only an infection with the Trojan.Agent.AGGZ.