The event created a big stir among the visitors, with many being impressed with the novel gadget. The moment you put on the virtual helmet, you are transported to the orbit of a Mars looking planet with Saturn like rings.

This is where the excitement steps in. You have to rotate your head shoot at the enemy but…, this where it gets crazy : you don’t press any buttons. The system has motion sensors detecting the position of your head and the enemy vessel , firing the laser when the two positions match.

This is the first time UEI shows his new cool game, which is only 1 week old.

We spoke about the new cool Japanese-style thingy with Mr. Hiroshi Terad, UEI representative :

What is your target audience?

We are currently targeting people aged 20 to 40 year, but this product is still in beta so who knows what the impact will be, we just started to advertise. The game is for at least two players : the shooter and the finder. This is because in Japan multiplayer games are trending right now.

Do you plan to expand to Europe or North America?

Yes we have plans, to expand to Europe, the game already has an English version. We have budget to produce more with games in Japan being very popular, but we hope things will become increasingly popular in other countries as well.

What are your next steps?

We plan to attend another exhibition 3 months from now, also in Tokyo. We welcome everybody to come and see our new game